Loans for Blacklisted people


With the festive season just around the corner,family and friends look forward to gifts.We also tend to forget that immidiately in January we must pay school fees.With this type of a dynamic we tend to find that alot of folf find themselves in trouble financially.Blacklisted , under debt review and have a terrible credit rating,which makes it difficult to borrow money.

We offer loans to such folk.We will not do a credit check and our service is paperless,hassle free and feed back is given within 24 hours of us receiving your application.


Loan Requirements:

  • Proof of employment
  • Proof of residence
  • 3 month’s bank statement
  • SA ID book
Loans for blacklisted people

Loans for blacklisted people


Metrofin Loans

Metrofin aims to focus on the short-term loan market. We confine our customer base to those clients who are formally employed.
Shop 49 Mark Park CentreVoortrekker Street 1930Vereeniging, GautengSouth Africa(016) 422 9398(086) 607 3333
49 A Village Street1759Randfontein, GautengSouth Africa(011) 412 4605(086) 607 2217
Krugersdorp684.9 km
Shop 55B Human StreetKrugersdorp, GautengSouth Africa(011) 660 6503(086) 607 3356
Fatima Bhayat streetMidtown MallRustenburg, GautengSouth Africa(014) 592 7578(086) 607 2190
Cnr van der Walt&Vermeulen StreetShop 28 1st floor Sammy Marks SquarePretoria, GautengSouth Africa(012) 328 7845(086) 607 1978
Trichardt763.4 km
5 Barney Molokwane Street2300Trichardt, MPSouth Africa(017) 638 0486(086) 607 2025
2/4 Jeffels Road4110Isipingo, KZNSouth Africa(031) 912 2712(086) 607 2376
Gale778.3 km
293 Gale StreetUmbilo 4001Gale, KZNSouth Africa(031) 301 3789(086) 607 3013
99 Russell StreetDurban Central 4001Pennywise, KZNSouth Africa(031) 306 8239(086) 607 2872
27 Van Riebeeck StreetCrossing with R545Ogies 2230, MPSouth Africa(013) 643 2720(086) 660 9987
Zinaida BuildingShop 8 2271Kriel, MPSouth Africa(017) 648 3806(086) 607 2080
7 Liebenberg Avenue2310Bethal, MPSouth Africa(017) 647 1611(086) 607 2048
Joubert stAbsa Building 2350Ermelo, MPSouth Africa(017) 811 1692(086) 607 2659
37 Kerk StreetHendrina, MPSouth Africa(013) 293 0429(086) 607 2700
9 OR Tambo Street1050Middelburg, MPSouth Africa(013) 243 4213(086) 607 2430
Joe Slovo StreetBosveld sentrum Shop 4Modimolle, LimpopoSouth Africa(014) 717 5853(086) 607 3022
58/60 Nelson Mandela DrRainbow SentrumMokopane, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 491 6161(086) 607 3204
Burgersfort979.5 km
Crn.Dirk Winterbach & Kruis StreetShop 24Burgersfort, LimpopoSouth Africa(013) 231 7619(086) 607 2865
79 Church StreetPolokwane, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 297 4978(086) 607 3027
Market streetMetropolitan CenterPolokwane, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 291 4326(086) 607 2703
42 Schoeman StreetBoland BuildingPolokwane, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 295 3838(086) 607 3157
Schoeman StreetNedbank BuildingPolokwane, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 295 8348(086) 607 3153
Makhado1083.9 km
Songozwi StreetThomson Building, Shop 30AMakhado, LimpopoSouth Africa(015) 516 6437(086) 607 3166

Finbond Loans


Finbond Loansoffers short term [30 day – 120 day] cash loans and medium term [6 month] cash loans at its 168 Finbond Micro Finance branches nationwide. Finbond’s personal cash loans range from R100 – R7 000. Senior Citizens can also apply. Since this is an unsecured loan, no security is required.

The application process is very simple with very fast turn-around time of approximately 30 – 45 minutes for in-branch loans. For internet loans turn-around time is approximately 3 – 5 days.

Abot Finbond

Finbond Mutual Bank is a South African mutual and savings bank, owned by its depositors. Finbond Mutual Bank specializes in the design and delivery of unique value and solution based savings and credit solutions tailored around depositor and borrower requirements rather than institutionalized policies and practices.

Finbond Mutual Bank conducts its business through two divisions focussed on:

1. Investment and Savings Products and
2. Micro Credit Products

Bruma Finance


Bruma FInance offers personal loans from an amount of R1000 up to a maximum amount of  R15 000 and the repayment period is between 6 to 18 months and they pride themselves in the same day response turnaround time in giving clients application feedback.

Because Bruma FInance  is legally compliant, all Bruma finance loans come with the option of credit life insurance cover which settles a clients outstanding loan balance in the event of death, permanent disability or dreaded disease. It also provides limited cover in the event of temporary disability and retrenchment.

Many consumers have lately fallen on the bandwagon of multiple credit accounts which can prove quite stressful in managing them. This is why Bruma offers its clients a consolidation loan  of up to R15,000. This means Bruma settles clients existing debts on their behalf giving clients only one affordable repayment to make each month.

The above is what sets Bruma apart. Bruma Finance can be contacted on 0861 33 11 33.

SMC Loans


With SMC, clients can get personal loans, consolidated debts, credit cards, micro loans, bonds and vehicle financing. The personal loan offers amounts between R500 to R180,000 with repayment periods running between 1 to 48 months.

These loans are offered to customers who are 18 years and above, permanently employed for a minimum period of 3 months, earning a minimum of R2,000 a month, have a bank account and a South African ID.

Consolidated debts are offered to those who need to consolidate and clear all their debts, with a single repayment rather than multiple payments to various financial houses. Under this facility, clients are offered R10,000. SMC is also one of the few lending houses which allows individuals to earn extra income by being brokers on a part-time or full-time basis.

SMC financial services can be contacted on 0215570394.

Mpowa Finance


The Mpowa Finance credit facility is a monthly loan facility and clients can lay their hands on this loan facility up to an amount of R2500 by following few easy steps.

For first time applicants, A client just has to complete the online application and create an account and the contract is emailed to them immediately. The second step is to upload their latest 3 months bank statements and the signed contract and other relevant documents should then be faxed to the designated loan consultant. Because Mpowa Finance  believes in values of credibility and integrity, clients are always phoned for a voice recording of the contract details. Within a period of 2 hours, clients can receive their cash.

For those clients who are reapplying, they can just login into their account on the Mpowa website at their convenience and request for a new loan and a new contract for the coming month will be emailed. A  Mpowa Finance  client can then sign the contract online and as always, a phone call to take a voice recording will be done and the cash is then instantly released.

Clients are however advised that for both  new and old clients, the loan amount will be repaid in full on their payday by debit order and they can qualify for a new loan each month once the old loan is repayed.

Mpowa Finance  can be contacted on 0861 228 228.

Maravedi loan


Maravedi loan. You can get a loan from R1 000 to R25 000 with repayment periods that suit your needs. Choose up to 24 months. In order to qualify for a loan you must be older than 18 with a South African ID book, have been employed for at least 3 months at your current occupation, have a minimum monthly salary package of R2 500 and have an existing bank account.

In addition to loans, Maravedi offers an Educational Fund of up to R50 000 for customers applying for a personal loan.
Apply for a Maravedi loan with a simple, fast telephonic process and you could have cash available within no time! Call the Maravedi call centre on 0860 222 765

King Cash Loans


King Cash Loans offers loans have a flexible loan repayment terms with 1 to 18 months to pay, Variable Loan amount, between R2 000 and R15 000 for a personal loan, No security, in the form of personal possessions, is required.


If King Cash Loans don’t know you yet, this is a bit like asking “how long is a piece of string” but take heart and remember: King Cash is governed by the NCR, and ‘Loan Shark’ tactics will not be tolerated. Don’t forget we’ve got 60 years of lending under our belts and credibility is at the backbone of our longevity, it also means that King Cash is no fly-by-night service provider.

Your loan repayment amount will depend on:

  • your credibility,
  • the total loan amount
  • the repayment term

The best way to find out what you’ll be required to pay is to call us on FREE on 0800 113 637 and apply for the loan amount first. If you’re approved, all the details will be provided to you and you can then accept or decline. Remember with King Cash there is no obligation to take up the loan.

FNB Easy Loan


FNB Easy Loan is from R250 to R60 000 paid out within 10 minutes. Easy repayment period of 1 – 60 months, Loan insurance cover – in the event of death, retrenchment, dread disease as well as permanent disability, Weekly/ fortnightly earners do qualify for Easy Loans

Documents required for FNB Easy Loan

  • Valid South African green bar coded ID or passport
  • 1 month’s payslip if you are paid monthly/ two for fortnightly paid/ four for weekly paid
  • 3 months bank statement for non-FNB customers
  • Proof that you have been employed for at least 6 months


Qualification criteria

  • Aged between 18 and 63 years old
  • Have an active bank account for at least 3 months
  • If you have more than R750 left after paying all your bills, you can apply for a personal loan

Bidvest Bank Loans


Bidvest Bank offers loans and advances for clients who need a cash to consolidate their loans and pay debt.

Applications are viewed on a case-by-case basis and although repayment obligations are structured based on the business’ financial standing, normal credit criteria applies.

All facilities are subject to an annual review and rates are determined by the business’ creditworthiness.

Funding offered includes:

  • Working capital loans
  • General banking facilities
  • Selected asset-based finance

For more information, contact our client call centre on 0860 11 11 77

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